Difficult to get a visual approach


Since the latest release I’m trying to practice visual approaches, but I find it extremely difficult since each time I request a visual approach controllers answer with “expect vectors for the ILS/GPS…”
Do you have a similar experience?
What are the best conditions to obtain a positive answer to a visual approach request ?




Have a read :)

I recommend watching the ATC tracking threads and when someone says “practicing IFATC aproach” it means they are IFATC and are practicing for approach. I recommend contacting @nk1021 via PM as he is IFATC and practicing for approach. Good luck!


Ok, so far it seems I never met those conditions. Still, I insist I never got a single visual approach authorization (so, it’s difficult for me to practice it…). Thanks anyway for your clarification.

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@daniele_milizia unless the conditions prohibit the visual approach, the approach controller should offer you the visual approach. As long as there is a 2000ft cloud ceiling and a 3nm of visibility, you should be given vectors for the visual approach. However, bear in mind alot of times the vectors for the visual approach will be the same or very similar to the ILS/GPS approach. While as approach controllers, we do reference the actual charts, we can are not experts for each airport and so we dont know all the procedures. In addition, we usually get more then average traffic to the airports we control, so we will do what is convenient for us and the pilot. Hope that helps!


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