Difficult choice.

Good morning, everyone. I live in France and am looking to resell my Sony Xperia Z3 compact tablet to replace it with a newer TABLET with a larger screen. I have done several researches that have led me to these:
iPad 2018
Google pixel C
Samsung Galaxy tab S3
Which tablets are capable of running IF with max graphics and Minimum lag in a busy airport? Does a secondhand tablet have the same power as a new tablet? My budget is 330€ max (377$) and if possible around 300€ ( 342$).
If someone knows a good website or a good tablet, I will be happy.
Thank you in advance.

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I recommend taking a look at this


2018 iPad will work nicely in that budget.


My iPad runs IF with amazing graphics, running at full settings and smooth as can be. Here is a example picture I made.

Note: it is a iPad Pro 10.5 but I have seen Normal 2018 iPads run smooth as some of my landings :) (bad joke). The processors and chips are very good and it’s in my opinion the Best Buy, most people say the iPad is superior to other tablets.


Thank you but I’ve already been to see this subject. My choice would be more on the iPad but I hear both good about it and also less good. Because in view of the price, this tablet will not last long.

Yeah I have an IPad 9.7" 2018 and it runs good on long heals gets a little hot but otherwise I recommend it


Oh no, I have had many iPads including the first generation brought back YEARS ago. And a iPad mini 1, now my new I pad. They all run perfectly and you can’t beat them from the price, I heard Android tablets don’t really last long, but I am not sure.

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Do you know of a website where I can find it for a little less?

What is your price range? I think amazon is the best because of free shipping with prime.

But you also live in france

I know the iPad is a little expensive, but it’s more worth it to spend money on a quality product that lasts a long time (i used my iPad mini for IF until it was unsupported 2 years ago) and works nicely than to buy a cheap one that is not reliable and does not have the best performance.


Have a look at refurbished iPad‘s. They are quite cheap and as if they are new!
Just type „Apple refurbished“ in Google and you‘ll get to the Apple refurbished website.


Yeah, my iPad mini was refurbished, and I was even still able to engrave my name in it, it actually was a gift from my parents, I never knew it was refurbished until they told me 3 years later 😂. I litterally took it everywhere I went, it was very useful!

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if you hang on, Apple will be releasing a new ipad pro on the 30th of october. it is ment to be bezaless and one of the biggest upgrades to the ipad range for some time. In terms of tablets, apple has far more dedicated apps for their tablets then any other manufacturer.

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I wouldn’t recommend using Amazon to purchase anything outside of NA since I hear the prices are much more expensive in other countries. (The writer lives in France.)
Also, he said that his budget is $337.01 USD (330 Euros).
But I agree with you, the iPad seems to be the best tablet you can buy for IF. I currently use an iPad Air 2, and even though the reviews on the “Device Compatibility Thread - IFC Built List” say that the Air 2 is bad for IF, it works perfectly for me at busy airports on max settings despite being at least 2-3 years old!

I would have suggested the new iPad Pros (and maybe also the new iPad Mini) to him as well, except he said that his budget is around $337 USD, not $800 USD. :) (And Apple devices are even more expensive in other countries than in the US!)

I’d definitely recommend buying a new iPad, but unfortunately, the cheapest new iPad you can buy from Apple, the iPad (2018) 32GB WiFi model, costs 358.40 Euros (the website is https://www.apple.com/fr/shop/buy-ipad/ipad-9-7).
However, you can buy an official refurbished iPad (of the same model) from Apple’s website for only 288.40 Euros here: https://www.apple.com/fr/shop/browse/home/specialdeals/ipad/ipad_9_7
I 100% recommend that you buy an iPad instead of other tablets. They run very well with Infinite Flight, and you will find that an iPad will run for at least 3-4 years before you even need to think about replacing it.
But those are just my thoughts. Someone else in the community may have a different suggestion.


But it will be craaazzzyyy expensive, as much so as a MacBook. If not more. He is on a budget.

I have the Ipad2017 and runs IF insanely amazing…imagine the 2018 one!


Then he should have a look at the Huawei Mediapad M5 10. It is about the perfect price point however i am unsure on gaming performance or if it runs IF. I am sure it does since it is a android tablet but better check then be sorry.

edit: just informed huawei tablets do not run IF well .

iPad Pro is the best for running IF with it’s A9 processor.

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Don’t consider anything other than the iPad 2018, it’s got the new processor, will last you at least 4years, but push your budget to the limit if you can and get the biggest memory as possible.