Difficult Approaches #5: Toncontín (Cancelled) @ MHTG - 171800ZMAR18

IMPORTANT: You Must Fly the Real World North RNAV Approach for Runway 02

Server: Training

Region: The Hecking Universe!

Airport: MHTG

Time: 1800Z - March 17th, 2018

NOTAM: Weave through the mountains of Honduras in the fifth installment of the Difficult Approaches series!

A Few Videos That Could Help:

Last time I held this event, everyone except one contestant either (a) dropped out last minute, or (b) didn’t show at all. I’m hoping this goes differently. I understand life happens, but if you sign up, please make sure you can make it.

The flight will begin at MHLM, I recommend you use SimBrief to file your flightplan. Charts are required (quite frankly, you won’t know what you’re doing without them). You must semi-accurately fly the approach according to the charts, otherwise you will be disqualified. Please do not use any aircraft larger than a 757, otherwise you will likely overrun the runway. The event will not begin unless/until there are at least 2 judges and 3 pilots on board. This airport is the 2nd most dangerous in the world (according to the History Channel) for a reason; be careful.

You will be judged on a 1 to 10 scale based on three criteria:

Approach Accuracy

(Slot Open)

Gate 1A
Gate 2
Gate 3
Gate 4
Ramp 5A
Ramp 5B
Ramp 5C
Ramp 5D
Ramp 5E @AsunderRex92679
Ramp 5F

Pending List:
This is a list for those who are unsure if they can attend.



  • Exciting
  • Boring
  • I can/will attend
  • I can’t/won’t attend

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Have you done Kai Tak yet?
We all know the mountains make for a fun approach…

I plan to do that next.


Would you like to be placed on the pending list?

No, I sadly don’t have IF pro.
I was making a suggestion.
If you could do VHXX in July I’d gladly come.

July is a long way down the line, but we’ll see.

Yes please, If I have time, I will join you for sure.

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Alright. Thanks.
Sometime late in July to confirm

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Put me in the pending list my pro expires the 12 not sure if i will be able to renew it on time

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I won’t join the competition, but is it possible if I can be ATC Tower/Ground?

Which airport would you like to control?

I would like to attend, please. I would like gate 5E please.

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I would like to control at Toncontín Tower and Ground

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That’s a really cool approach, I’ll join if I’m available, I’ll also post it in my group, they loved it last time ;)

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There are many waypoints missing in IF for STAR

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I realized that last time I ran this event. I’ll get the coordinates for the STAR, don’t worry.

I will place you on the pending list, is that ok?

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Did a VFR of the STAR waypoints already, the even should be fun … not giving anything away here

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Can you sign me up for a judge?

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Yes please :) thank you in advance

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