Difficult Approaches #4: Insanity at Saint Barth's! [Scores Are Up!] @ TFFJ - 171800ZFEB18


Also Co-Hosted by @callum5124 (He’s not in the picture)

Server: Training

Region: Caribbean

Airport: TFFJ

Time: 1800 Zulu - February 17th, 2018

NOTAM: In this installment, hop into your best GA aircraft and get ready to hit the beach (hopefully not the one at the edge of the runway)

IMPORTANT: You are required to fly the real world approach for runway 10 at TFFJ

We will takeoff from TNCM in either a Cessna 208, Cessna 172, or a Cirrus SR22. No jets are allowed at all. Landing with a jet aircraft will disqualify your landing. The flight will be VFR, so no flightplan is required.

Landings will be judged on a scale of 1-10 on the following 3 criteria:
Approach Accuracy


GA 01: @AnsettAviatior
GA 02:
GA 03: @Aaron_Huynh
GA 04: @Krunchy_Toast
GA 05: @Josh
GA 06: @Jeffrey1o2
GA 07: @SouthernDude
GA 08: @Balloonchaser
GA 09:
GA 10:
GA 11:
GA 12:
GA 13:
(More Gates Available if Necessary)

Pending List
(If you are not sure if you are able to attend, you will be put on this list)

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I will be judging and controlling ATC at St. Barth’s as always (-:

See you there everybody!

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What time will it be for me? I Live near Brisbane

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That would be about 4AM the next day for you, which I assume would be too early.


oh, looks like im not coming. meh. maybe if i go to be early maybe

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hey ill come! who cares about the time itll be a sunday


Cool! I get you down for the first GA gate.


thanks! :) i cant wait


Can get a gate please. Aircraft: C208

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Yep! GA 02 is all yours!

@A_Plane_Guy will add it for you shortly (-:

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Alright, GA02. Got it.

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Would love to participate but I live in japan!!
Meaning 5am=18:00zulu :(

Oh that’s unfortunate! Maybe you could have an early night then join us in the morning! @Hinata

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Count me in! Any gate is fine

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Ok GA 04 is all yours! Hope to see you there! @Aaron_Huynh

@A_Plane_Guy will add it on for you soon!

For the next one you should do Innsbruck (Runway 08 approach) I’ve done it in a 737 sim before its hard, but great fun! See you all at St Barts

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I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but a landing at TFFJ on IF is nearly impossible because of a terrain glitch. Maybe you should go check that out.


Will do, thanks for the heads up.

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We’ve done Innsbruck in the past, but no one followed the right procedure. Maybe we’ll try again some time…


Not sure if i will be able to come but put me in just in case.