Difficult Approaches #2: Paro Airport (Finished!) @ VQPR - 211800ZJAN18

IMPORTANT: You Must Fly the Real World Approach for Runway 15

Server: Training

Region: (Titanic Theme Plays)

Airport: VQPR

Time: 1800 Zulu - January 21st, 2018

NOTAM: Take on the notorious runway 15 approach into Paro

Co-coordinated by @callum5124

The flight will be from VGSY, please use SimBrief to file your flight plan. Charts are required for landing. If you do not accurately follow the approach plates, you will be disqualified. You don’t have to be perfect, however your flight path must simulate the approach enough for it to be recognizable. Do not use anything larger than an a321, otherwise you will run the risk of crashing.

Landings will be judged on a scale of 1-10 on the following 3 criteria:
Approach Accuracy

(Slot Open)

Ramp 01: @AllegiantAir
Ramp 02 @xXGiantPanda1Xx
Ramp 03 @ItzEhs
Ramp 04 @Krunchy_Toast
Intl Gate 01 @Infinite_Flight_Dude
Intl Gate 02
Gate 03
Gate 04
Gate 05
(Limited Space!)

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I wish I could join but it’s on expert.

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Aren’t you a Grade 3?

Not too sure if I can make it, but I will see if I can

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He probably has either too many ghostings or too many Violations

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What time will we be done by???

I’d say 2100Z at the latest.

Should I put you down in case?

Oh sorry busy tommorow evening

Could you make it earlier

Yah go ahead and do that, thank you

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I need my XP to be up and than I am Grade 3 I only have 24,000 XP Every stat is more than Grade 3 needs to be Grade 3 just XP is not high.


I can i be a judge??

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Yep! I’ll get you down.

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omg literally crying


I have uploaded an example approach video to my Youtube channel:

I just realized the link on the OP wasn’t valid, so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2JnUZ2Az_k&list=PLhxP0J1WW6F2NyV44IpmwNdu1GzMCE0yU&index=5
(I also fixed the link at the top)


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Because of the lack of competitors, the event will be moved to the training server!

Any chance of 1h earlier

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Done. It’s now 1 hour earlier. Although I don’t think it matters; no one is showing up.

I will judge and do ATC

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Ok. Make sure you watch the approach tutorial so you know what to judge the approach off of.