Difficult Approach into KGUC

Probably just did my most difficult approach in Infinite Flight, with winds gusting to 27 knots from the side and visibility only 2 miles. You do all of that in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains. That’s KGUC in Denver, Colorado.

If you want to try:

  • Depart runway 33 from KASE (never use runway 15 for departures!)
  • Turn 50 degrees left and continue climbing until you reach 16000 feet
  • After reaching 16000, execute a left turn towards your destination
  • Fly overhead at KGUC while descending to 9500 feet
  • Enter right downwind runway 06 (ignore that it is marked with red color, that’t the safest approach)
  • Maintain 9500 feet until you are established on the localizer. The airport is at 7800 feet.


Better title: Nasty weather at KGUC: Crosswind 20 knots Gusting 27 with 2 miles of visiblity


looks nasty,

That was freaking hard. I managed, but it was not a smooth flight by any means… I wish there was more low vis approaches though, this would of been perfect without the 30kt winds.

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