Diffference between ‘Frequency Change Approved’ and ‘Contact Departure’.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been controlling on the Expert Server recently and have seen this a lot. When a controller sends you ‘Frequency change approved’ after you take off, please don’t contact approach if not sent directly to them.

Approach doesn’t always accept departures depending on how busy the airspace is. If they are, you will be sent a ‘Contact approach/departure’ instead.


Also, when a controller says “Frequency Change Approved”, actively tune out of the frequency please! We can swipe away at your tag, but the information bar above your aircraft stays there if you don’t tune out, and it clutters the map.


This is prob my ocd, but I can´t stand the “white” Aircraft…


This bothers me too! Would much rather them tune out normally.


Even if we send you frequency change approved, and you press “handoff” (I think it’s that but I’m not totally sure. I haven’t flown in a while) it doesn’t change you from the frequency. You have to press the back arrow and “tune out of #### tower”. That will tune you out of our frequency. Please we ask you to do this, especially when it’s busy because it clutters the map.

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