Differentiated Emergency Vehicles

In each country, most airports have emergency vehicles to respond to emergencies. They also usually have different markings on the emergency vehicles depending on the country. I would like to see that each country have its own emergency vehicles specific to the ones in that country.

I’ll make a comment comparing some, as I can only have one picture in the request itself.

Hey, nice request I would suggest maybe adding a picture to your request but it’s not mandatory.

Also, don’t forget to vote on your on request


That’s not mandatory either


I’d love to see this happen but I’d imagine it would take some time!


it’s not mandatory but it’s a good thing to do as it shows your backing your own feature request.

Let’s see. For each individual country. You’ll need to make more than 150 paint jobs for each vehicle. Those artists better get to work. That is if we’re being exact with all of the markings and no workarounds are put so that less are added while still giving a similar idea.

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I like it! But I wouldn’t see it coming in the near future as it would take a tremendous amount of time and there are other projects that the artists will be preparing for that’d probably come before this. Nice requests nonetheless and pictures would be helpful :)