Differentiate no pattern work on ATIS

Would like to be able to have “no pattern work” on ATIS broken down a bit more:

-No pattern work, air traffic volume (too much traffic to do patterns)
-No pattern work, IMC
-No pattern work, single runway operation

This would help differentiate the reason behind why the controller is not offering pattern work. The airport could be just barely be IMC and at that point there shouldn’t be pattern work but some may not realize the real reason behind it.

Pattern full would be a good one also.


No pattern work, heavy traffic
No pattern work, event in progress

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Honestly, a pattern work allowed would be good as well. Many airports have straight-out departures in ATIS and people can confuse that with no pattern work.


When flying on Expert server, which I suppose you do, people should understand the reason why “no pattern work” in my opinion.

VFR weather, and no traffic around you can always sent a PM to the controller for more info.

I have to disagree here.

If there’s no mention of Patternwork, it’s allowed. (As far as confusing straight out departures with no patterns, that’s an education issue. We should aim for keeping ATIS to serving its intended use, not for explaining every detail to pilots who don’t watch tutorials or bother to learn. That isn’t its intent,)

I feel the same when I hear “intersection departures allowed.” If they’re not disallowed, they’re allowed. It’s unnecessary clutter to say they’re allowed.