Differential Thrust

Hello everyone. Here’s my feature request.

Have a differencial thrust.

How it would work?

There’ll be a button above the thrust lever currently existing, that will be clicked on and it’ll switches between all engines levers.

Second possibility :

Have the levers directly functional in the cockpit.


To add more realism.

I’ll be happy to have your feedback! Don’t hesitate to suggest!
Idea from @Full_flight

Feedback section

You’re right , i think it’s the best way too. Maybe the plane would hold it’s angle until we’ve finished to move the thrust?

Good day

I did not find any duplicate

I was thinking about this too. Maybe it could be an option in settings to switch them, or to split the lever in half. Don’t forget to vote for your own request ;)

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Hmm, to split engine thrust would be interesting.

I think the best way to implement this is to have two layers of the throttle. The bottom layer being so that they are synchronized and the top so that you can split them. Now we have to find ways of actually being able to do that and controlling the plane at the same time.

Nice request! :D

Hopefully this shows up one day once the devs figure out what to do on how to implement this.

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For reference a previous request for the same thing.


In mine , i suggest functionning cockpit thrust levers too , so i don’t think it needs to be deleted/closed.

Decent Idea!

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