Differential Spoilers

So a while back we received “rud brakes,” which has proven a convenient way to gradually slow your aircraft and maintain smooth control on the ground.

i think we need a similar update to the flight spoilers. Descent IAS can be quite difficult to manage, especially below FL180 as most commercial jets glide thru air like butter and gain airspeed if steeper than -1400 fpm. As of now the main way to maintain/achieve an appropriate airspeed during descent is to descend rather gently. however, when it’s still not gentle enough, full flight spoilers often adds too much impediment and will continue slow the aircraft past the pilot’s target speed. as a result, it’s often necessary to apply some thrust while simultaneously deploying flight spoilers. This wastes fuel, but more importantly reduces realism of the sim.

a flight spoiler that allows continuously/incrementally controllable “intensity” (i dont know the technical term, but you know what i mean) could help alleviate this frustration and improve the user experience for realism-seekers

not part of this request:

and just a side note: adding the ability to arm landing spoilers on the ground without them improperly deploying would be fantastic. that is–particularly relating to take off roll–in case of an aborted take off, they will automatically deploy like they do in real life. maybe it’s possible to create code that deployed landing spoilers above a certain airspeed threshold? just a proposal of a solution

Do you mean this kind of thing?

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Sounds like a cool feature