Different Winds at Different Altitudes

I saw that a topic has already been created but I’m hoping to extend it a little.

A nice feature in Solo and Live could be different weather conditions at different altitudes. It would be welcomed by the new fog feature in Global.

Firstly, in the weather settings a new scroller would appear. This would give you the ability change the altitude the weather would range to. Then you would control the weather. Obviously, this wouldn’t happen in Live. This setting would be shown again to change the weather at 10,000ft and so on. As many times you would like the weather to change.


Weather Settings
-Altitude- 0ft to 8000ft.

-Altitude- 8000ft to 22,000ft.

Thanks, please provide feedback.

I have tried to change the way I phrase my feature requests, more information.

Hi, reading through this i am having a hard time understanding what you’re talking about. Are you talking about winds aloft and different wind speads at different altitudes? That will be coming in global. Also this is a feature request so please move it to #features . Thanks Allot! :)

Different wind speeds on different flight levels will come with Global.