Different wind types in Flying.

Just wanted to know how much kts must winds be to be turbulent and how.much kts wind is needed for a nice landing and for turbulence landing and how to prepare for it😁

In the jet stream, I’ve seen winds as high as 191 knots. But landing, it depends on where you are. It uses real time weather globally.

Thank you so.much appreciate it alit because in madrid I had 23 kts and it was abit turbulence and pushing.the aircraft to the side

There’s not much you can do but practice.

If you’re approaching in the cockpit view, there’s a green circle. If it’s on the ground, that shows where your plane is going to touch the ground. Keep it on the runway and you’ll be fine.

@Randriek as multiple people have told you, please check #tutorials for information about flying if your new. Please don’t clog the forum with topics that can be answered there.


Thats true because madrid has mountains around it so dont know.if that can cause it

If you’re referring to the 23kts as a pure crosswind, then you’re pretty close to the limits of the most airliners

Thank you for helping il definitely go check it out and thanks for the information it help alot💪

Also, make use of the search feature before making a topic. 9 times out of 10, there is a tutorial for it.

Ohhhh wow so 23 kts is a strong wind landing because even in take off it bounces me of the side of rhe runway my firt experience on IF

Thank you for that because im new to the app so finding tutorials and help from people helps.me a lot and I really do appreciate the help alot and its.nice getting to know people 😁

If it pushes you off the side of he runway then check to make sure your using proper crosswind technique

When I took off I used my rudder pushed it to the opposite direction to keep me on track was still hectic need to learn the technic still but thanks for the help

Yeah. use your aelerons to keep you on horizontal track. Use your rudder to keep your aircraft nose on course(use for landing. On takeoff and once airborne you can let your aircraft fly into the wind.(just let the ruder go) )

Thats true because I dont know if 23kts alot but it sure did give me a bumpy take off what was the most wind you took off at thx for the tip appreciate it alot.

Sure. I’m a student pilot amd would love to help if you need it. So if you need any tips message me here or in discord at LT Beast#9453

Just 2 examples:

A320 Max crosswind including gust take off and landing: 38 knots
A380 Max crosswind including gust take off: 35 knots, landing 40knots.

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And if you fly GA aircrafts it’s even less. For the C172 it’s around 15kts.

So have fun mastering the WX landings

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