Different weather in different altitudes

In infinite flight it would be very interesting to have turbulence levels at different altitudes.

Example: 0ft-8000ft could be high in turbulence. 8100ft-15000ft light turbulence. 15100ft+ none.

This would make infinite much more realistic and smooth up at the high altitudes!


no. There is turbulence at 30000ft aswell.

Not sure you follow what I’m getting at, I’m saying make weather patterns for different altitudes and you’re saying theres turbulence at 30kft.

If this was added, there could well be some turbulence at high altitudes.

Winds aloft is one way to describe what you mean. Definitely something that has been looked into :)


I suppose this would be further looked into when clouds are implemented, if ever implemented into the game!

if ever

They will be implemented, I can assure you that now. It’s a question of time :)


With time comes hard work, make them look realistic

Ohhh, then i understand, would be great!

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Pretty much confirmed! :)

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I wouldnt say pretty much but just say “Its confirmed”

Yes we know that’s why we are saying it’s confirmed. This feature request was made a long time ago buddy

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