Different Ways For Landing?

(Sorry the title is a bit vague)

I’ve seen many different paths planes take before landing at an airport. For example, some are straight in, some cross over the airport, and some do a sort of “S” and then land (see below). My question is how do I know which of these methods I should use? Thanks!

Well, if there is Approach ATC, they’ll do what they feel is best. In an uncontrolled airspace, I’d feel like a simple pattern entry (enter left/right downwind/base or straight in) would be the best. As an IFATC, I have yet to send an aircraft over my airfield to land, and as I am not approach qualified, I haven’t had them make any “snake” patterns or anything. I’d say a simple entry is best, let the Approach handle the really fancy stuff. That will result in easier flying for you and will make the airspace less crowded more quickly.

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