Different voices in Android

Hello guys. I noticed that in Android I have 2 voice options for live/ATC. One is UK and the other voice is USA. Someone knows this? Is there a way to get back the other voices? I miss them. I have a Tab S6 Lite.
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I don’t have samsung device, but I read somewhere there is a way to download languages in samsung phones

You can get different voices depending on your Text to Speech Engine. (TTS) Google TTS is the standard and can download additional voices. Using an engine other than google may have some unwanted results.


Is that a application Chris? I’m new in Android

Yes. Under your settings there should be options for your Text to Speech engines. For me it is under Settings / Accessibility / Text to Speech Output. I thought all androids came with it.


Ok, thanks m8. I’ll try it :)
You can close this now, have a great day

Good evening my friend, I hope you are doing well. In fact, you should know that Infinite flight uses google and samsung speech synthesis. So it’s up to you to choose which one and which one to voice. As an example female voice uk or us. Hope my answer will help you.

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