Different tone of white on Generic livery

Just asking why is the A350 White more “richer or brighter” than the A321’s?


yea, i’ve also been seeing it on the 75


It’s not. It’s a known preview issue with 21.1


It is? I never heard of thee issue

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oh the staff deleted #open-beta lol, I’d share a link

Its like some of the planes have an duller tone to it compaired to the A320 A359 and B77LR

Same with the A380 I don’t see the black tips around the engine cover while that was shown.

Obviously they will be different, these previews are taken at different times and of course won’t really match an exact standard of how previews of aircraft should be shown in the menu. The in-game models are the same overall, so it’s anything but a showstopper.


Yea I spawned in an A380 and saw it. I guess its just the preview.

Some (actually many) of the previews weren’t updated for the new graphics of 21.1

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