Different Title Meanings

Good Evening Everyone,

I’ve been seeing on the forum and in the live mode of the app that some people have special codes in front of their names such as: ifc, Ifatc, ifae, etc.

I was wondering what these titles meant and how I could be a member of some of these groups listed above.

Just so everyone knows, I am not a real world pilot but just someone whose interested in planes and who takes infinite flight simulator very seriously.

Thank you for your responses.


IFC means you are a part of the Infinite Flight Community

IFATC means you can control on the expert server

IFAE is Infinite Flight Aviation Experts (you would have to contact someone to join)

So in your IF display name, you could put IFC Lildrummerboy79 since you are a part of IFC


Thanks, are there any other titles out there? I know there are at least a few more but I want to be as informed as possible.

Thanks again

Well, there is IFAEGAF, which is the IFAE Global Air Force

There’s TSATC which is Training Server ATC

I’ve seen some put DLVA meaning they are a part of Delta Virtual Airlines

I’ve also seen some put BAVA meaning they are a part of British Airways Virtual

I can’t think of anymore off the top of my head

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IFVARB is the VA regulatory board

VA means Virtual Airline

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IPP - International Professional Pilots
IFAET - Airport Editing Team
IFBR / IFBA (?) - Infinite Flight Brazil (group of Brazilians)
IFFG - Infinite Flight Facebook Group (the “forum” before the actual forum existed)

Any VA one is in. SVA, QRV, EYV etc, but that goes in the callsign.

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Some VAs have abbreviations:

BAVA = British Airways
CAVA = China Airlines
DLVA = Delta
EIVA = Aer Lingus

And so on…

SAV is Star Alliance


As said by @BigBert10, you are already a part of IFC!

I have linked the threads for you above for each of the organisations. Cheers!

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I know that there’s IFGAC wich means Infinite Flight Genral Aviation Club

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There is IFMEB, which me @TaipeiGuru, @KaiM, @CR3W along with a few other that are members of.

IFMEB = Infinite Flight Mega Event Board

We are a bunch who does some pretty massive size, creative, never seen before type of events, 2-3 times a year, always bringing new concepts to the table. Although, I believe I’m the only member in the group that has IFMEB attached to my display name in IF when flying around :)


Thanks! I know at some point I will apply for ifatc and give back to this wonderful community. I’m currently halfway there on operations.

And hopefully in the future I’ll be skilled enough to be in ifae

Good luck!