Different taxi and flight manuevers

As you probably know airplanes have a small little steering wheel in the cockpit to maneuver on the ground during taxi. The yoke or sidestick only work to get the airplane airborne or in the air. I think we should add a different taxi feature so every time I turn the device my ailerons do not turn. When I turn my plane to takeoff mode or flight mode, my ailerons and spoiler can connect to when I turn my device. This will also make it more realistic to do a control check before you start the flight. Normally the spoilers are connected with ailerons and if you have noticed every time on a real airplane before you begin your taxi the ailerons and spoilers go up during the taxi.

Here is a picture of the 747 control check.3887708201_c8c5bbdb46

Hey so we appreciate you wanting to add things into the game and so do we. We have an area in the forum for these things called the #features area. This is the area where people request for things to be added to Infinite Flight. Unfortunately you must be TL2 to post their and you are TL1. But luckily someone has already requested this and you can leave a vote on it.

Also your picture will need some picture credits so that we know who took it and credits are not stolen. If it is your photo we please ask that you say it so we know it is yours thanks.


In addition to what Trevor said, you can use the rudder slider to turn the aircraft instead of tilting your device left/right. In the app settings you can turn of the ability to turn the aircraft by turning your device left or right. Simply open up Settings - General. Uncheck “Auto-Coordination”. This will disconnect the ability to turn the aircraft on the ground using the yoke, and will require you to use the rudder to maneuver the aircraft on the ground.