Different sounds in 737-9

I’m doing a flight with 737-900 it is mixed with TBM 930 (sound from outside the aircraft). Before I said I had restarted the App because only the sound of the atc was showing and the sound of the outside was muted.

Erhm, that’s a first? Not something I’ve heard about before.

The real boring answer here is most likely the solution too;
Device restart… and if that fails, reinstall. Could be that something went wrong during the aircraft download and it mixed up the sound files.

Your attempt at a solution is not boring. Yes. This is the first time this has happened. Enjoying the situation. I noticed on the takeoff sounds are reversed. Was that notified?

I will finish that flight and make your solutions.

It’s boring because it’s the generic one ;) Even though it solves most of the random issues.
The sounds being reversed is known!


Got it, no problem;)
Soon I speak if it worked.


It’s an issue that’s known to me. I hear A-10s and TBMs outside the cockpit when I shouldn’t hear anything but muffled engines

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That’s if they’re in the area. I’m interpreting this as he’s alone in the 739 and are hearing them in-flight?

Heard them in a lot of planes on ground or in air. I remember encountering the same issue in an F-22 performing the Heritage Flight with an A-10


Hello @schyllberg


1- Restart application - Unsuccessful
2- Disconnect and connect device - Continued with quoted sound
3- Uninstall and install (Maintaining data) - Unsuccessful
4- I uninstalled the app and installed it again - continued with sound

Conclusion: Unfortunately, it did not work with the 737-900. Others 737-7 and 737-8 are normal.

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Is ther a way you can record this so we can have evidence on the confusing situation?

(Sorry if this has already been gone over, I haven’t seen it mentioned so far)

This happens to me a lot.

It happens on any aircraft. If a TBM is outside my aircraft, and I am in cockpit view, I hear the TBM as if I had my free camera right next to it.

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@schyllberg, it may be worth noting that I also have the same issue in all aircraft when there’s a TBM nearby. It’s like the wall of the aircraft is open.

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That’s known.
But we’re not talking about having any other aircraft nearby.


Ah, gotcha.

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