Different runway after go around

Lets say you were controlling at egll and N172SP was landing on runway 27L and you told him to go around for some reason. After the go around you want him to land on 27R instead of 27L. Would you say “N172SP, go around make right/left traffic runway 27L or 27R”?

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I would say go with a pattern instruction such as enter ___ Runway ____


Well I’m not an ATC expert, but telling someone to change patterns on parallel runways is rather unrealistic, as the right runway makes right traffic, and the left runway makes left traffic.

But if you were to say that, its like this: N172SP enter Left base Runway 27L. Not 100% sure though, as I’ve never encountered this before.

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So the runway that they were going to land on? Which is 27L in this case

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I’m not a expert but I’m saying maybe a pattern instruction will be good. Don’t take my advice I would wait for a IFATC

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Yeah I’m waiting for ifatc to see this as well

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If you want them to switch to runway 27R while going around, you could say “go around, make right traffic runway 27L. Once they are on right downwind for 27L you say “enter right downwind runway 27R.”
Additionally you can say go around make left traffic runway 27L and once they are on left downwind runway 27L, say enter left downwind runway 27R and take it from there.
But while doing these, just make sure they aren’t going to create any conflicts with departing/arriving traffic.

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Oh okay thanks that makes sense

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@Plane_geek_101But what if it was somewhere like KLAX and they were landing on 25L and you wanted them to switch to 24R? A right downwind wouldn’t be close enough to 24R

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Well you can still make him go left traffic just tell them to enter left downwind runway 27R

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Yeah, that’s what I meant.

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The biggest problem you’re going to have is that maybe 5 percent of IF pilots fly go around correctly (meaning they actually fly to the upwind before turning) so you never know when they’re going to decide to make right traffic and cut across someone’s path.

In a perfect world, “go around, make right traffic 27R” would put them in pattern from27R in one command.

In IF I would stick to not having them cross unpredictably, send them on a left traffic go around 27L, then if you want to switch them to 27R have them enter the left downwind for that runway and if you need to use the tools you have to make sure their base doesn’t conflict.

Alternatively you could try to use extend upwind with the first option to make sure that they’re actually making that change on the upwind away from other traffic, but it’s not guaranteed they’ll comply.


You would say 27R

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So 27L to answer your question for IF because of the amount of people not flying a go around correctly is quite high in IF. In a real world scenario yes 27R would be acceptable.

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IFATC Trainer here:

If you want the aircraft on 27R to go around and land on 27L next time you can have them go around with left traffic for 27L as Tim said, but there are circumstances under which you absolutely want to avoid this.

I myself only use it under either of these two conditions:

  • No one is taking off from or on final to 27L at that time, so even if the pilot turns early and crosses the other runway they don’t interfere with anyone
  • I recognize the pilot as either a fellow IFATC of IFAE, or a pilot I have seen fly previously and I know they know how to fly
    In all other circumstances I would do what Tim said: give go around with right traffic for 27L and then use sequences and pattern instructions to make sure they turn base such that they don’t interfere with traffic coming in for 27R.

Note that all of this applies only if I don’t have an approach controller working with me. If I do I would send go around with right traffic 27R and hand over to approach. If approach would like to change the runway they can do that fairly easily.

Hope that helped :)



I have a question related to the direction of pattern instructions, should I say it here because it’s somewhat related to this, make a new topic or PM a qualified IFATC (Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controller)?

I guess you could say it here but it’s probably best to start a new topic @Humars

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I am NO professional but I will say, go around make right traffic but due to that big space between runways, some pilots may make the turn quickly so I may use the extend upwind then the enter right downwind of 27R then sequence(if needed) then the clearance on to 27L but…

The trainer explained it correctly.

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Ah I see thanks

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