Different runaway request?


Thank you lol and I’ll definitely give expert a try later on:)


Ahh thank you for telling me :)


Then he/she could use “disregard last message” command.


If it’s busy he maybe didn’t noticed it


And EGLL is always busy on TS😂


When I was a beginner I had problems only with one thing: Right/left downwind, base… But now it’s easy for me :)


F22 transitions through airspace at 100 feet without clearance
But yeah don’t worry. Expert server is also busy, but in a good way. It’s controlled busy and it adds a lot of realism to the game that I am sure you will enjoy, and won’t have to deal with trolls and everyone taking off and landing on 25R


What would happen on TS in this situation…🥴


It would be hell…i mean that literally!


Yes, training server is a training server, as mentioned, but by saying that I’m not sure we answer your question. I suspect we’re just dealing with an honest mistake here, which could happen on Expert server as well.

The thing is that as the ATC uses instructions, IF automatically creates little shortcuts, which make it very easy to send an instruction to a pilot via this one-click shortcut.
In London we often see an even spread of traffic between the L and R runways. So the ATC would have had two takeoff shortcuts close to eachother. In your case I suspect that the (learning) ATC pressed accidentally the wrong shortcut. It may well be that simple.

I suggest in this case to respond with “I’m sorry” and repeat your takeoff request.


Make sure you check the #tutorials! You don’t want to be ghosted for an error, simply because you didn’t know 😉


Do not be intimidated by flying on expert. If I or another controller ghost you, message us and we will explain what you did wrong. If you can learn from it and understand , good chance we may reverse it.We also make mistakes controlling and will certainly have those ghosts reversed. But too many times pilots go crazy yelling and screaming and don’t want to learn and improve. Happy flying and hope to see you flying on expert soon.


You wont get ghosted unless you do something against the atc order if you make a mistake such as pushing back to early an im sorry will do wonders :)


For Expert Server controllers ghosting is a last-resort. You’ll likely get a few please follow instructions before you are ghosted. Don’t worry, it’s not like if you do the smallest thing wrong you’ll immeadetly be ghosted ;)
As previously mentioned, I recommend watching/ reading all/ most of the tutorials to ensure you follow instructions correctly.

Hers is a thread that should help you out, and I recommend reading it :),


Sorry doesn’t do it all the time if you mean to get the ghosting reversed but sometimes I’m sorry will let the controller know you didn’t do it on purpose


I didnt say always :) Good point


This is why I believe we should have a way to talk between controllers


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