Different registrations on different planes

Hey guys, I was flying in IF earlier and I realized what if the registration on the back of the plane was different like let’s say I flew a southwest 737-800 and the registration was N747SW and another time it was N657SW?

Tell me what you think below:)

It would be good for the people who love detail


Yes but it also could be seen on live flight like let’s say 11 people r using a united airplane and it would have a different registration on each one of there information slides

Woah, this is actually a really cool idea that I never thought of! I don’t know how this would be implemented, but nevertheless, a good idea.

And maybe for Generic liveries, we could even have our own registration. :)


Yes this is required I need it!

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This would add a whole additional aspect of realism and detail to the simulator. I would love to personally see this implemented!


This sounds nearly impossible since the registration are all built-in models? (Correct me if I’m wrong)


What if an airline has only a limited amount of aircrafts and there are already people using all the registration? What do you do?

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It might be similar to wing flex, the new models have a changeble registration stored as alternate files.

Choose another airline or airplane to use ;)

Would be cool , maybe exclusive regs for lasting VA’s ( 6 months +) ?

Yes that would be cool!!! There could also be a board like there is for ATC work to see who is using what and if everyone is using one plane and there are no more real registrations left you choose a different airplane. We want to bring as much realism to IF and it doesn’t help when you see 3 Air Force 1 and 2 NASA shuttles

At the same airport…

But you see the problem with this is is that you pay to use an aircraft and a specific livery, with this you can’t use that livery that you payed for. :/ , other wise I don’t mind this feature request. :)

True I guess you could make your or registration like if all the southwest registrations being token u could make your own like N___WN could turn into N327WN

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I don’t think it’ll be possible because the reg is placed on the aircraft livery itself. You’d need X airline liveries for X registration, and that would be chaotic. The only practical way I see this working is if you can type in the reg in your call sign settings and then it would place it on the specific parts of the plane, but this would be way too complicated and requires a lot of code for such a small request. As people stated otherwise, you’ll still have people flying with similar registrations. I personally think the devs should focus on other things


I like the idea, but some airlines will have little of a certain aircraft, and if many fly in the aircraft then there are no reg.s left.

I like this idea! It’s really useful for events or a flight of X. For example, if there is an EVA Air group flight, then we can fly in many EVA Air 777s with different registrations. If this was implemented then it would be really helpful for VAs and events and there is no more “clones” of liveries.