Different Planes, Different Features??

This is not a feature suggestion, this is just my opinion. I don’t think it’s fair how some aircraft get to have cool features (cabin lights, cockpit lights) and the others are just left alone. The new A320 has cabin lights, the 748 has cockpit lights, but yet the 787 doesn’t even have animated parts yet. I hope that you guys have took your time, and not only just added the A320 with cabin lights, but added almost all of the others with cabin lights. I mean, if the A320 wasn’t going to have cool lighting, I don’t think there would’ve been THAT much hype about it, because it’ll be like most of the other aircraft. So if you’re going to add new aircraft, at least try to make the ones you already have better. I love Infinite Flight, but like I said, just my opinion.


I believe a reworked 787 is coming in the update after the A320 so hang in there!


They said 787 will come eventually but not immediately. “A couple updates away” IIRC.


Honestly, I’d rather them fix the 787 and add more liveries, than add the A320. The 787 is such a great aircraft.

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Yea I agree a re-worked version of the old aircraft would be nice before new aircraft’s are released. But who knows how the devs make their decisions about what is coming next or in what order. Oh well

Yes but there is a humongous amount of people (including me) who really wanted the A320 even before Cabin lights, etc. were confirmed