Different Pilot Selection

So the idea is that you can select different pilots for your flight (Male/Female, American/African/Australian/Asian, etc.).

This feature request is very simple. This is just in case there’s a duplicate features request. If there isn’t one, I’ll edit it and make it more detailed.

Trust me, if this request isn’t a dup, I’ll edit it and make it waaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better 😃

It’s a decent idea, but you have to remember:
1: This is a mobile game, so the devs are going to focus their time on things that actually make the game better with the relatively limited space they have.
2: You only see the pilots if you go into normal or the look around cams and look at a certain angle or are in the cockpit with one that has a first officer in the other seat.

Well, take the A320 for example. You can see both pilots. Even in the X-Cub, I’m so jealous that Laura’s in it 😂 It would be so cool if you could put yourself in there!

YeahI agree it would be pretty sick 😂 But it would probably only eventually come if they implement things like new planes, clouds, 3d buildings. Eg…


Yup, and that’s only sensible. Still, it would be nice if it was added in the future.

you got my vote

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Good idea plus the ultimate option: no pilot

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It doesn’t bother me that much, just fly the plane :)

Here was a topic about something similar that was closed:

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