Different Home Screen when in IFC

So I don’t know if there was an update or anything but instead of the black header it’s white and just says flight in the top left corner but there is my profile and stuff in the top right. Anyone know what happened?

I was about to post the same thing since this is also happening to me. I’ve tried refreshing and turning off my phone but it doesn’t fix it

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It is my understanding that this is unintentional. The FDS team is currently investigating.


Ok, so I know this isn’t just me

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Same thing happens to me when I open a thread, lets see what they say.

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Ok, I was really confused and thought I did something. That’s reasurring

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Yep, nothing to worry about.

Try refreshing your page. It should be back to normal :)

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It’s all good now! Just didn’t know if I did something or not. Thanks for all that responed!

Looks like it’s fixed now :)

Great! Glad it’s better. Give a hand to Cameron for the quick fix!

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Yea it’s back to normal for me too

Yea, within 3 minutes of me posting it’s back to normal. That’s what I would call dedication

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Thanks everyone for bearing with us on this! We’re investigating why it happened but for now we’re back in black (and orange).