Different Grades in Piloting

How long would it take to get to Grade 2,3,4 and 5 and do you get benifites for each Grade💪✈✈✈✈😁

Grade 2: access to Training Server
Grade 3: access to Expert Server

It shouldn’t take long to reach a new grade. However, you should probably want to log flights often and not get violations or reports.

It all depends on how often you fly. For example I fly a decent amount and I just hit grade 4, and I have had the game for about 2 years now. It’s all about dedication.

It took me about 7 months of consistent flying to hit Grade 5. Just got it a week ago.

Thank you so much for the help will the training and expert server appear or wil they send you a notification about what server you playing sorry one more question what is the training server💪thanks a lot appreciate✈✈

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The training server is for grades 2 and up. You are able to get violations on this server just like Expert Server, and unlike the Casual Sever. You are also able to be ATC and gain experience so you could become IFATC one day! ATC cannot Report you though, and the pilots on this server are not the best

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Congrats you earned it im only flying short haul flight in London A320 so that would probably help with gaining flight hours and landing experience 💪

You wont be notified. You just have to be in the know.

Basically, the Training Server is a server with ATC, for moderately experiences pilots to practice their skills, hence the name Training Server. Note that there are restrictions. Going above 250 KIAS below 10000 will result in a violation, going above 350 KIAS above 10000 will also result in a violation. It’s pretty much a more professional server with ATC. (Although some people are not at all professional)

Ohhhh I seee so the Training server basically gives you still the freedom but it does get violations and the expert server is for the best pilots and much strickter can you decide if you want to be ATC or pilot or you have to choose one💪💪thx for the help

The short hauls are helpful, but you’ll need to mix in some long flights (e.g. 8+ hours) to increase XP. The other thing I would recommend is becoming familiar with the Cessna 208 and do a lot of pattern work. The higher grades require more landings. I have found this extremely helpful and sometimes get more XP doing 30 minutes of patterns than I would for a two hour flight.
Best of luck!

You can be both! You can join IFATC and still be a pilot and fly! It just gives you a bit more variety whilst using the simulator.

It’s also a great way to build and gain more knowledge on ATC procedures and protocol.

Thank you so.much

I got this imagine from google that helped me abit but I appreciate all the feedback so.much 💪💪

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Below a table with the needed hours, XP, landings, etc.

(Ignore the You column)

If you don’t have a life, don’t get violations and don’t get reported (ghosted), you can become a Grade 5 real quick 😉

Expert server is not for the best pilots; it’s for the pilots who know, understand and stick to the rules.

Thank you so.much for that I appreciate it alot I downloaded the game 5 days ago got 21h flight time and 18 landings but im focusing on the A320 BA shorthaul from EGLL to.help with landings and get hours but I.mix it with longhaul aswell for XP thx for the help

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Thats true longhaul helps with XP and getting more flight hours if you play the game on data would it take alot of data to.play because im be out of wifi for abit so wonderder if data usage will.be alot thx for all the help😁

You downloaded the IF app and came straight to this Forum: I have high hopes for you 😊

Now you’re here, make sure you stick around, read this Beginners Guide, check out these great YouTube training videos.

Welcome & have fun!

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Search this forum on ‘data usage’ and learn heaps 😉

And yes, do keep an eye on your mobile data usage!

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