Different costs between Android and iTunes

i have Infinite flight on my IPad and everything costs 4.99 € except 330F embraers live +…
now i bought IF on my Android and what on iTunes was 4.99 on androids it is 5,57 or something lke that!
why is it so ? can someone explain me that?

Are you sure it is in the same currency as before? Also can you show screenshots?

sir, i have on my iPad 4.99 and and on Android 5.57 in the same Moment
now i cant do screenshots maybe later

ok never mind I understand what you mean. Is the android device setup or from a different country.

you asked if it is the same currency i would say yes , sir .

iPad was bought in italy and Android phone in czech Republic in german language

Ok that’s all i have got. Try restarting your device and if that fail try reinstalling the app to make sure it is not a glitch

thank you , sir

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Pricing is set by “tiers” on each platform, so it’s down to each of the stores (App Store or Google Play) to set their own pricing based on exchange rates, commissions, etc. This is why there can usually be some small differences in pricing, and it’s outside of FDS’ control.


I believe this is due to Google. If you want to sell something you have to pay a certain percentage to Google. But to get the same profit of 5, InfiniteFlight sells the app for 5.57€. 5 € —> Infiniteflight 0.57 € —> Google


Sorry I didnt saw that Cameron already answered.

The app developer actually only gets 70% of the App Store price, minus potential currency exchange loss. This percentage is the same for Google and Apple.

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