Different computer voice in different aircrafts

Since I mostly fly the Airbus a320 it really infuriates me, that the computer voice is the one boeing uses. I don’t know if anything like this would change in some time and I know it’s only the altitude data, but I wish that for Airbus aircrafts the Airbus voice could be used please.


Although I don’t fly Airbuses often (in fact, I rarely fly at all), I understand your frustration. While this isn’t set to change anytime soon, feel free to cast a vote and voice your opinions in this topic:

With IFassistant you get airbus voices with the warning add on. You get retard, minimum and autopilot disconnect sounds. And the app has a lot more to offer like VNAV for accent for step clims, v1 vr and v2 call-outs and a lot more.


I would recommend u get if assistant it isn’t free tho.

IFA has VNAV Climb mode ?

Yes it does. It isn’t perfect from my experience, but it works.

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I have always wanted to try IF Assistant, and I have heard it works really well!

Where is it ? Nothing on my app even references VNAV . Maybe its omitted for Android

here :)

let me know if you don’t find it here

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I did see this feature

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I see the “voice commands” so you could activate VNAV AP Mode. VNAV autopilot climb is not supported in IF . More importantly the voice feature is for iOS only. I’m on Android .

Goering threw in the towel for Android users a long ago do to IF upgrade issues. I think he has quit upgrading the App in general.

thanks for the link !

ah sorry didn’t read through it fully

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No problem, thanks for trying to help me !!!

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