Different coloured airways for altitudes in IF (Jet/Victor airways)

Flying my SR22 from KRAL-KFMY via KONT, IFR due to IMC conditions, and notice something - some of the airways are a much darker shade of gray than others:

Look far right for the white airway and far left for the dark grey airway

Are these Victor airways? Can anyone help clarify? Thanks

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I got in a 208 to find an example after my flight. Anyway, that’s irrelevant. There’s a clear colour difference between the 2

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He’s talking about the gray line on the right side of the picture.

Oops my bad sorry
I see it now

Does anyone have any accurate software that shows jetways? Then I can test my theory

@Insertusernamehere. MaxSez: Pull up any Sectional, WAC or Hi Altitude Chart. The airways are clearly marked as Victor or Jway’s, in some cases color coded.
airnav.com is an excellent source, Regards


Done some extremely thorough testing and can confirm the higher the altitude of the airway, the more white it is, and the lower, the more gray it is.


What does that mean?

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Lots of pouring over IF maps and sectional charts of enroute high and enroute low on skyvector

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