Different Colour for trim up/down

Hi all. I’m here to request a small feature that will help me and hopefully other pilots.

This feature is for a different colour for trim up and down. Sometimes when the trim is out by a small amount it’s hard to see which way to trim.

Something like this

Thanks for looking

Hi, colorblind sim pilot here. No please no! That magenta is one of the few things I can definitively see when flying on IF. 😊


Fair enough I didn’t think about that 😊. Maybe there could be another way. But for that reason though @Levet can you close this request if you wish.

A better idea might be adding a horizontal line so you could tell wether to up trim or down trim.

Cameron May have some input and insight into this. I think it’s safe to leave it open for now.

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Cool cheers mate. It was just an idea maybe something like @Boodz_G suggested might be a better idea .

Just sometimes I find myself trimming one way and not being able to tell if I’m going the right way or not if it’s close to being trimmed out. Maybe it’s just me. 😁


Maybe a clear black and white version would work. Would probably require to make it into a full fat bar on the right side of the trim button.