Different between pro and free version of IF


I am new to this game. What is the difference between pro and free version?

Is the VA part of the game?


The free version has region and a few planes. The pro version offers global, all planes and ATC.

VAs are Virtual Airlines, most VAs prefer the online servers and the ‘pro’ version.

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Can free version clock in flight hours and rank up?

I am currently a student can’t afford to pay a lot and play long.

I don’t think so…

Sorry, you must pay for live (pro) for that

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So only pro can…

Then what is the point of playing free version?

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Playing the free version gives you an idea of what it would basically look like, and if you like it, you could buy PRO.

The free version gives you some region’s and a few planes. If you purchase pro, you get global, live servers with ATC options and all planes. Plus you improve your pilot skills a lot quicker with Pro.

Hi There!

The difference between the Pro and Free versions of Infinite Flight are as follows (most of them anyway)

Pro Version

  • Global Imagery
  • HD Scenery
  • All aircraft available

Free Version

  • Several Regions
  • Quite a few aircraft, not all.
  • HD Scenery

I hope this helps! Also, Virtual Airlines don’t really mind if you don’t have Pro, just so long as you can fly the real world routes, I know a few that do…
Happy Flying!

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The scenery is no different than the one PRO subscribers have.

Additionally, the app comes with several regions and at least what i would call, more than “a few” aircraft. It’s 15 different models to be exact :)


Oh, sorry. If you want I can edit it to make it accurate?

Apart from it being free?.. not much

Pro version also offers live ATC.

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