Different ATC postions filling in

Hi all,
Hopefully some of the community has heard of, and or, use VATSIM. VATSIM is a online ATC program for PC flying. As VATSIM does not have the numbers to cover the whole world (same with IFACT) they use a system where, for example, approach is active for JFK but no tower or ground. The approach will act as Tower and or ground to make sure the aircraft online gets in or out safely. I thought this would be a great feature into IF. What are your thoughts?

That can happen anytime (I do that a lot)

Except I can’t control Ground (except for where I bring Arrivals in around the Departures

This [Approach and Tower/Ground combined] is intentionally not an option for most to maintain quality standards.


We already have this. If a controller is experienced enough they can open more than two frequencies. It is not advised when it gets busy.

Quality control is key. You do not want someone opening LAX tower, ground, and approach during a FNF.