Different announcements to ATC

Just a quick one here, I was on infinite Flight in the training server [Global] V2, where a grade 3 pilot made the announcement to ATC; ‘Emergency fuel, 5 minutes remaining’.

I was wondering, how do I get the option to make general announcements like that?


When you have over one hour flight time and you’re on Low Fuel (You can look that up in your cockpit), then there comes a new tab on your ATC Window named emergency requests. You tap on this. Then you tap on Fuel, then on emergency or low fuel. Emergency can be read back from the ATC, Low fuel not. Then you just confirm it. Do not send it to ATC more than once. An ATC can be busy so don’t spam him. Hope that helps you.


Well it doesn’t have to be one hour (defn not less). The actual flight time is “classified” to avoid abuse to the function. But once you’ve been flying for a while, youll get the option.

Wym it is one hour. When you fly less it won’t pop up.

From what I’ve seen, it’s 1 hour. From what I’ve heard, it varies.

Its whenever you have a required amount of fuel to trigger the command. This varies from aircraft to aircraft. If i had 1000 kgs of fuel in a 172, i could fly for years but in a 380 you would have almost fumes in the tank.

It’s when you have low fuel, as in you are about to run out. It will pop up on your hud “low fuel” or “min fuel” next to the altimeter. If you see “low fuel” then you have some time, if you see “min fuel” then I suggest you get on the ground IMMEDIATELY before you end the life of yourself and your passengers. Once either of those pops up you go to the ATC button and you will see a new button “Emergency Requests”, hit that and you will have 2 options: Minimum fuel or Emergency Fuel. The point of the button is to inform the ATC that you’re running on fumes, and you need a prioritized landing.

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