Different angles

Hello. Today I flew an unrealistic but fun route from the capital of China to south Florida and I tested some different editing styles and angles. Enjoy!

Flight time: 13 hrs 44mins
Airline: Air China
Aircraft: Boeing 787-9

Rotating out of Beijing

Gear up!

Off for Miami!

Somewhere over Asia

Wingview over northern Alaska

Welcome to rainy Miami

On final to runway 8R

Hello Miami!

Hope y’all enjoy and tell me what y’all think :)


Oh no the water droplets…

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what about it?

Oh nothing, just an old joke.

oh gotcha.

Remember when the Infinite Flight water droplet picture was posted everywhere on the thread…

Yeah. I felt like we just needed a dedicated thread to those edits.

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well guess its back lol


Okay sorry mods, I am just loving this joke.


Awesome photos! I The window views looks pretty realistic haha

thanks a lot :)

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No. 1 and 7 work pretty well with the water droplets, No.6 looks pretty awkward cuz the window doesn’t fit with the viewing angle.

Anyway very good effort, keep it up! Looking forward to see more :)

wow i never knew water can get in the cockpit
although i like the wing because it has

Lovely edits. Like the variety and such. Rain, Windows, and normal IF. Great job!

maybe there was a crack in the window lol, and yes, wingflex great.

thanks! Yea i realized it looked kind of odd but oh well lol…

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thanks very much :)

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