Different Amounts Of Filth To Choose From

Hello, IFC!

I checked and i don’t think this is a duplicate but if it is, then I apologize.

This feature request is not just for “dirty” planes, it is a bit more than that.

I am proposing that in the airplane menu, there is a new feature allowing you to choose different amounts of wear and tear.


Credit to Mrsyclone


This will add realism to the game as there will be some clean planes, and some dirty planes.


Anyone would be able to choose different amounts of filth


The wear and tear should represent real life, so dirty flaps and grey marks around windows are what I am thinking about, although I am open for suggestions.


I am proposing that in the aircraft menu, you first choose the airplane and airline, but then also choose levels of filth. There would be a dropdown menu like the liveries menu with options such as “slight oil marks” to “dirty flaps”, etc.

What will the advantages be?

This feature holds two advantages.
Firstly, it will add much more realism to the game by not only having only clean planes or
only dirty planes (like the Frontier A319) but having a range of different looking aircraft would ressemble the real world much more.

Secondly, this feature would allow people to fly cleaner planes for delivery flights, and dirty planes for trans-canadian flights for example!

Once again, this is just an idea and the specific features are open to change!

Thank you for your consideration.


I really like this idea! Its got my support! Ill move one of my votes!

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Thank you so much!

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Nice idea, adds more realism and options. Made the vote count go from two to three with the magic touch.

I was trying to think of an interesting way to say that I voted. I’ll keep working on it 😂

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IFC is tired

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Thanks for the votes everyone!

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On my end it says 3, I’m pretty sure it’s accurate

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6 now! Thanks everyone! 😁 😁

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This is awesome! I’ll keep and eye on the request!

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This is a cool feature! I wish I had more votes though😭

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