Different altitudes when throttling down for different aircraft

Why is it that a 787, A321 and 737-900 have different cut off points when idling? Like for a 787 I idling at 200 ft, A321 idle at 100 ft and 737-900 idling at 50 ft. If I do it any sooner I stall.

Different aircrafts, different physics.


I honestly can’t deal with how real this app has gotten. I mean there is idling and flare involved.

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Lol. That’s the whole point of it, getting it as real as possible :)


Because you also need more distance to stop an 18-wheeler than your average sedan. The airplanes you mentioned all have different landing weights, thus different speeds and aerodynamic characteristics.

The people asked for realism, and instead of giving a camera angle from seat 12F for no reason, they give you something that matters… Huzzah!


I know but I mean when I saw a road that went into a mountain I had to investigate if it was a tunnel. It’s incredible.

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Newton’s 2nd law of motion found it’s way into a flight simuator. Mic drop


Why would you need lavatories in a flight simulator?

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How did we go from aircraft physics to lavatories?


What is idling and flare? Yeah I do suck at landing.

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