Different Altitudes of Earth Visualized in Infinite Flight

A video featuring altitudes of our planet.

Location: Bay Area
Server: Solo
Aircraft: None


Pretty stunning for a mobile sim.


Nice! How did you do that?

And another question: if the earth is a ridged ball the size of an orange and you balance on it, standing perfectly at 90 degrees from the surface and look straight out, the orange is going to be way at the bottom of your peripheral vision if you can see it at all.

But if you’re a fruit fly standing on that ball, you see it’s horizon as you stare straight out.

Between the fruit fly and your standing height, any in-between view level would show the ball’s horizon dropping further and further below the straight-ahead view.

I notice you’re panning up and down slightly between each of your views, so the above can’t be judged.

But do you think you’d see the receding horizon described above if you held the pan completely steady?

It’s just a question I had in IF for a different topic.


Probably the rather well-known space glitch.

Judging by other space glitch photos/videos, most likely. Earth seems to be modelled to perfection (well, at least until the surface).


Thank you! I did it by just crashing a plane and went back in replay mode and just spammed the fast forward button (which is the space glitch) and as for the panning, I just tried to show how high up it was ig

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This feels like a challenge, but then again, how does one simply beat being 100,000,000 miles above the surface of Earth?


at that point earth is just a speck of dust lmao

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This is really cool - great job!

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Thank you very much 👌