Different airport map thing

image image

Do you see the difference?
No black circle on HAAB!

Yes, the green tag symbolizes that there is some sort of ATC facility open. The green dot sometimes gets bigger but I’m not sure what’s the deciding factor of making the green dot bigger.


What’s the difference between a red inside, a blue inside, and a green inside on the airport dots?

Check out this cool thread on it.


Thanks, I will!

If you’re talking about no black circle around the green, then that just means that the airport does normally have weather, but the station just might be down.
For HAAB I think that sometimes occurs

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Yeah, it means that the weather is down. I’m flying to HAAB right now and it displays “no weather.”

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@Planey_Mcplaneface sick! i just departed from there!

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That helped a lot! Thank you for the quick response!

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