Different A380 Images

I’ve noticed that the two images of the A380’s look different depending on the airline operating them. Can anyone explain this?

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Some of the renderings have not been updated to the reworked model yet. This will be fixed in a future update.


Just out of curiosity, what differences are you referring to between your two images?

One is the legacy image, one is the new one.


I understand that’s the likely meaning, but how would I be able to tell: what detail between the two images gives it away?

Besides the textures, check the wing.


For textures you mean if I made a side-by-side comparison with legacy and new, the difference would be clear?

Do you mean pylons and pods? I can’t really see it right away because the shot angles are slightly different. Or some other wing feature?

they’ve all been updated, you just need to delete and reinstall the app for all the new ones to update.

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With the same livery. I think it’s obvious which one is the old and which one is the new.


To be honest, I don’t think I have the skill to get it right away without referring to a third source of info. I was just kind of interested as to why I’m so clueless on this (though I do spot at least 3 detail differences between your images, I think).

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Yeah, the engine placement, the wing angle, and the kind of antennas on the top and bottom.

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That’s not the case.

The most visible difference is the wingtip.
On the old image there is wingflex, causing the wingtip to be much higher.
All the images have been replaced.
Unfortunately the CDN, the Content Delivery Network which distributes all the data around the world, doesn’t seem to be renewing them all.
Seems to have something to do with cache.
The only way to get all the new images, is to delete and reinstall the app.
Keep in mind though that you will loose your settings, replays and airport edits in the process.


Yeah, but I couldn’t distinguish between whether the wingtip angle from the root was higher, or the view angle was simply lower, though after staring at it for long enough…:) But I still wouldn’t bet money that I can reliably tell the difference without a “cheat sheet.”

It’s no big deal, but I can’t tell with my untrained eye.

You mean there’s on extra probe/antenna protrusion on the bottom?

Yeah. That’s what I was talking about.

Hence why I REALLY don’t want to do that.

So the one with the higher wing angle is old? I would’ve never thought that.

That’s the new one. :)

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I think he’s confused by (unless you’re joking)?:

Yeah, the new one is like the Singapore Airlines picture, the old one is the Qatar picture. At least, that’s what I think. Super tired rn.

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Did I mess that up? 😁
Sorry about that!

The ones with wingflex are new.

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