Differences Between FPLtoIF and Simbrief?

Hey I was wondering if there is an actual difference between the simbrief website and FPL to IF

Simbrief is more advanced, with more settings, but then more realistic because of that. But, then takes time to learn.


FPLtoIF uses the default aircraft models in simbrief, however these differ to the models in Infinite Flight with regards to MTOW, MLW, Passenger and Cargo capacities etc

For realism and accuracy, you can create your own ‘fleet’ on simbrief to better match those in IF, generate your flight there with far more control over your taxi in/out fuel and alternative airports etc and then import it back to FPLtoIF


Is the simbrief website for infinite flight as well and does it work with infinite flight

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Its intended to serve all sims. The only reason FPLtoIF is truly useful is due to IF not having airway input capability, so then you can copy paste when it expands the airways into their fixes instead of typing in each one.

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However you can always just copy and paste it the full route off the OFP.

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