Difference in range based on winglets

I have noticed that on especially the 737 family the planes with the split scimitars have the same range as the ones without them, in real life they have different ranges.

The wording is a little confusing. Are you asking if the devs can add different ranges based on the 737 aircraft(s) that have scimitar winglets?

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Yes I am saying that.

This may be hard to implement as the 737 aircraft in IF would have to be split up due to not all 737’s having these types of winglets.

In addition to that, according to this website, Scimitar Winglets only add about 60-65 nmi of extra range.

Therefore, I’m not exactly sure how necessary this is, but I wish you the best of luck with this request!


I believe they would have to separate the aircraft with scimitars from the regulars to be able to change the range and as @Z-Tube mentioned I don’t think this is nessecary for a 60nm change. And previously they BBJ has merged with the NG and therefore all 7377 aircraft have like a 15 hour range. It is a nice request but with the previous changes I don’t see this happening.


I totally understand.


yep.i think it will be a good addition :)
i am out of votes though :(

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Thanks, i had totally forgotten about this topic!

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