Difference in quality settings, space view

Hi guys ! I’ve made a space flight (not the first for me). I haven’t do that for a while. So i was surprised to not having a amtosphere rendering on the planet.

So there is two screenshot made over Europe

With quality settings all low :

With quality settings at all high :

Bonus: other low quality views:

So… This kind of space glitch is not supported by default. I highly recommend to do it in Solo mode. Unknown ghosting can be reversed if you got violations for doing this.

I’m not gonna give you the steps to reproduce it as this shouldn’t be done.

If you want go to space in Infinite Flight, find the way, do it yourself or request for ISS/Space Shuttle to be added into IF.

Have a safe Flight !

Done last week, in Casual server. Plane was above sea between North Spain and Southwest France


That’s the Bay of Biscay!

@grxninesix please refer to the Category guidelines before posting again. You must use the HD Screenshot tool during any flight replay. Thanks.

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Sorry for that, will make changes soon.
Thanks for the reminder

note: since i already deleted the replay saves (I do it often to save stockage space) I can’t remake them, but I will follow the rules for the next time!

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