Difference In Price

I purchased Live thorugh the app ($6.99) on May 1st. Now on the new website, it shows it going for $4.99! I wanted to see if I could get my 2 bucks back. Anyone notice the difference? Pls help

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It’s $6.98 for live and $68.98 for live + here o_o

I’m from Canada eh?

Ah, it has been raised up before… The currency exchange rate between USD and CAD has been pretty bad…

@sniperguy135 Our country wise it’s quite stable :)

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Are you sure? I swear it used to be $5.98 for one plane and now it’s $6.98.

Why does my A319 cost more than my B773 TT_TT

That’s beside the point. Like everyone says it’s the exchange rate. Value can fluctuate real fast.

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Yeah man, our dollar is garbage.

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Hell in trying to go down to the USA to get some airplane crap, but with the $ so bad, my parents will refuse to leave the country. And because they don’t want to see a trump sign!


Ok lah ours for your case is $1 difference and I use Live so I don’t think got problem… Theirs is $2 tho 😱

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Here is the evidence. And plus online you get live tracking!

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I guess this “Live Flight Tracking” thing will only appear in the subscription features (the list) in the next IF update…

It is after all easier to edit a website than to update the app just for 3 words…

Sorry, exchange rates or monetary conversions are not under our control. Closing the topic as it is not resolvable here.