Difference in A320 Cockpits

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Take a look at this picture:

Then this:

Pay attention to the PFDs, and especially the little ridges just above the 2 screens.

The one in the 2nd picture seems to have bars surrounding the screens, while the 1st one has a little ridge on the top.

The general cockpit layout also appears to be different.

Does anyone know why they look different? Is one a newer version? I checked and it appears that the A320neo has both of these “PFD designs”, which lead to me posting this here.

The Infinite Flight A320 family has the “PFD design” in the first picture.

Could anyone enlighten me on why the same family of aircraft would have different designs, and their purpose? Thanks!


They wanted to change it up 😂

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The first aircraft pictured is older than the second one. The A320 is over 30 years old and in that time newer instruments have been introduced, and these have replaced the old ones. Airlines can also customise their planes to a certain extent, and add extra instruments, which would also change the layout.


Please change this to #real-world-aviation :) I believe some cockpits have been redone and this is what they did, the airlines not Airbus. Which one is the original im not sure,

Hello @iaexo
I believe this is due to some cockpits being older then others or have been revamped.

Ah thanks for the information!

I can’t do that for some reason, unfortunately. Real-World Aviation wasn’t available when I tried to change the category.

You’re not TL2 yet:)

I believe the first one is the original, version 1 if you will. As time passed they had to update the cockpit to look more modern, which led to the second picture, version 2.

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Adding on what has been said, the difference is between older and newer A320s.

Main difference is the type of screens. The old ones weren’t flat screens as the technology wasn’t existing in the 1990s.

Another noticeable difference is the center console, which futures multiple analogue secondary instruments, which have been replaced by screens in the newer flight deck.

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