Difference between training and expert server

I am now grade 3 since yesterday and i flew on the server, but i couldent find the diverance between the servers? What are those?

Expert server has professional ATC that are well trained for their position.
They can ghost you if you don’t follow the rules so make sure you check all the tutorials.

In training server anyone can just jump on to ATC and might not know what they’re doing. They are still practicing

Overall Expert server is much more professional


So, as you probably got from @PlaneGeek, the biggest difference is that we now expect you to not only know the rules, but you also follow them.

As long as you’re serious, study the tutorials you should have a lot of fun!

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Expert is always better than Training. The professionalism is so real on expert. ATC can ghost you, but if you follow directions, it’s all fine. It’s fun, and the controllers are nice, as well as the pilots. And expert is where most events, and the most people fly on. It’s really fun on expert.

Adding on to @PlaneGeek, the level of air traffic control services are much higher, as the IFATC have gone through a significant amount of training to be able to control on the Expert Server. The thing that comes with this is that these IFATC can ghost and report you. The Expert Server is much more strict, and pilots are expected to maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Before you start flying on the Expert Server, I highly recommend looking at the tutorials on the #tutorials part of the forum.

Also check out the ATC manual and this good thread made by one of the ATC trainers, which is a good way to make sure you nail down all of the procedures and rules, so that you won’t be ghosted or reported.

Congratulations on making it to the Expert Server, hope to see you on the Expert Server wherever you may be!

Happy Flying,

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