Difference between star,Sid, and way point

Hey guys just something I need help understanding. If you could help me out and explain it in most basic terms it would help at ton. Thanks.

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Check out this link. : https://uk.flightaware.com. If you enter in the airport code, example KSEA then you can select all the approach charts, SID ( Standard Instrument Deaprture) STAR ( Standard terminal Arrival route)) as well as airfield charts as well. A great resource.

Whilst these are not highlighted, once you have the details you can try and fly them. :-). Happy flying!

@Dacus1994. Josh you’ve been a member of this forum since July 10th. That almost 5 months. At this point one would think that by now you’d know how to search the archives, tutorials or do a web/wiki search for these type basic questions! So please explain to me the purpose of a topic like this? Max Sends

Because I wanted to ask the community…

Thanks I appreciate your straight forward comment!