Difference between sharklets and winglets?

Yes this may seem stupid but I know what they are but I always get confused between the two. Which is which?

I googled this but it showed both sharklets and winglets so that didn’t help.

Thanks guys! :-)
(please include pictures in your answer)


Sharklets is Airbus’ designation for winglets.
Can’t believe they now have sharklets on their wings 😢 so ugly…


Winglets = Boeing and etc.

Sharklets = Airbus

The sharklet is the name of Airbus’ winglets.

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Please could you show pics. Thanks 🙂

Boeing’s winglet

Airbus’ winglet (sharklet)



Sharklets sometimes have one pointing up and another pointing down. Although this plane is a Boeing. Can get confusing. Mainly just the name Boeing gives and then the name Airbus gives.

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What the heck are these?:

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From Wikipedia:

Wingtip fence

A wingtip fence refers to the winglets including surfaces extending both above and below the wingtip, as described in Whitcomb’s early research. Both surfaces are shorter than or equivalent to a winglet possessing similar aerodynamic benefits. Wingtip fences were the preferred wingtip device of Airbus for many years, employed on all their airliners except for the Airbus A320 Enhanced (using winglets), A330 and A340 families. The A350 and Airbus A320neo family will also make use of winglets rather than wingtip fences. The An-158 also uses wingtip fences


Ahh. I’ve got it all wrong.

That’s an AT winglet.

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I kind of like them on Condors A321 and Eurowings (only).

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My self-developed watchface is called “Sharklet”:

I haven’t published it.


Cool watch!

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It’s a Samsung Gear S2.


Sharklet = Airbus
Winglet = Literally everyone else.
Airbus is weird.


Ah yes, the split scimitar. I really like these.

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Yes because less pollution is ugly.

What is the difference between winglets and sharklets their like the same thing just different manufactures and names

The only variation is the name, both are winglets just Airbus call their winglets “sharklets”.