Difference between "Remaining in the pattern" and "Hold short"

When ever I turn left or right onto the runway I always stop before fully entering and I tell the atc that I’m ready for takeoff and that I’m remaining in the pattern. Then I wait to receive clearance. Is that correct? Because then they say “hold short”! Am I suppost to enter the runway or what? Help!

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NEVER EVER EVER, GO ONTO OR CROSS THE RUNWAY WITHOUT PERMISSION. You did the right move by holding short and waiting for permission to take off.


Hold Short: Waiting in front of the runway…not enter without clearance

If you want remain in the pattern, that means you want to go around the Airport and land or touch and go on the same runway you took off…
Check tutorials section for more information:
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Inside their is everything you need to know☝️


If you want to takeoff to go in a other airport you must said just req.tak. Remaining in the pattern mean that you takeoff and remaining in the aerea of the airport(pattern) for touch and goes…hold short mean stay there!stop!

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Thanks!! And one more question. Could u list me when to turn on each light. Like when should I have my strobe light on or my landing lights. In order could you tell me please. Thank you

Check this thread out:

May help:)

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It’s good to ask, so well done. Check the tutorials category and read relevant topics from there

When they tell you to line up and wait, that’s when you enter the runway wait for takeoff clearance.

Why is this even a topic. One is an airborn request, one is an on the ground command. How are these two even remotely confusing? It’s like getting pushback and ILS requests mixed up.


I agree it’s a very basic question but at least they’re asking on the help pages. Better than flying without the knowledge


It says it the name my friend! Hold Short is instructing you to hold your position at the runway. Do not enter unless the controller instructs you to…

  • Line Up and wait (line up on the runway but don’t takeoff)

  • Cleared for takeoff or immediate takeoff

Also when you request remaining in the pattern only request this if your going to circle the airport and land/touch and go. Apart from that request takeoff departing south/north/west/east or straight out