Difference Between May2j and May2k in EGLL Dep Procedures

Hello, i was checking departure procedures in EGLL and i couldn’t understand the difference between May2j and may2k as Southeast departure procedures. The main difference is color, i can see , but what is the real difference?

Hi there! The main difference is for which runway the pilot is departing. MAY2J is used for 09R, where MAY2K is for 09L. The majority of the procedure remains unchanged aside from the initial turn on departure where on 09R you turn at 2 DME from LON and on 09L it is 1.5 DME LON

Hope this helps!


Oh, i understand, thank you so much. When i open the dep procedure screen in EGLL, may2j and 2k were staying there with “all runways” title. It was a conflict for me.

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Yeah, sometimes IF doesn’t actually recognise which runways apply to procedures for some reason.

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